Medical And Surgical Products
There are various types of Medical And Surgical Products that are made available by us for use in hospitals and other medical institutions. They are made available by us in various types and designs.
Surgical Instruments
There are various types of Surgical Instruments are used for cutting and dissecting the skin, tissue and suture material. These instruments usually have sharp edges which enable the surgeons to cut and dissect tissue. They are very efficient.

Temperature Checking Equipments
We are offering the various types of Temperature Checking Equipments for use in various public places and have a very accurate reading. These are made for quick results and are very safe and hygienic. They are very useful and efficient.
Sugar Checking Machine
Sugar Checking Machine is a very staple item when it comes to being a diabetic and without it a diabetic would not be able to maintain their diabetes. For people with diabetes, they can easily check their blood sugar levels.
Blood Pressure Checking Machine

A Blood Pressure Checking Machine is a device used to measure blood pressure, composed of an inflatable cuff to collapse and then release the artery under the cuff in a controlled manner. They are very effective and useful.

Personal Protection Equipment
The offered Personal Protection Equipment is made available by us in various types, sizes and designs and is suitable for being worn out in public places. they help in making the person safe from various types of viruses and germs.
Road Safety Cone
A Road Safety Cone is a usually cone shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. They are extensively used during construction projects or automobile accidents. They are very effective.

Safety Equipment

There is a high quality Safety Equipment offered by us that as the name implies, includes the gadgets that are used (worn, used, suspended etc.) for the protection of life and to avoid injuries or casualties.

Industrial Safety Boots

Various types of Industrial Safety Boots are made available by us that also graded for different types of industry. Safety boots are durable boots or shoes reinforced with a protective steel toe that protects your foot from falling objects.

Surgical Gloves
High quality Surgical Gloves are designed specifically for the accuracy and sensitivity required by surgeons. These gloves have more precise sizing with a better precision and sensitivity and are made to a higher standard. They are very effective.

 Industrial Safety Gloves
We are supplying here the Industrial Safety Gloves that are made of innovative, lightweight materials providing excellent comfort and preventing hand fatigue. They are very comfortable and suitable for being used in a number of industries.

Industrial Safety Helmet

The Industrial Safety Helmet can be used to prevent or lessen damage to the skull caused by an impact from falling or flying objects, protect the user from low voltage electrocution and provide protection against the risk of head bumping.

Face Mask
The Face Masks and face coverings can prevent the wearer from transmitting the various viruses and bacteria to others and may provide some protection to the wearer. They are available in various types and colors as per the need.

Hand sanitizer
The Hand Sanitizer is a liquid generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Formulations of the alcohol-based type are preferable to hand washing with soap and water in most situations. They are available in various types.